Meet the Exhibitors

Bevan Antonio

Bevan Antonio is a fine art and commercial photographer.He has knack for capturing everyday scenes and subjects artistically through the lense of a camera.  Antonio’s love for art and photography stems from his involvement in marketing and social media management, as well as the need to do commercial photography to create social media content and other artistic expressions for clients. In commenting on his style Antonio notes, “ I prefer a minimalist perspective but I am not averse to other styles.” 

Nicholas Rose

Educator and entrepreneur, are just two other hats worn by internationally acclaimed visual artist Nicholas Rose. Rose describes his style as “a fusion of areas and medium rather isolating.” Rose’s masterpieces  have won him several prizes and commendations including numerous medals in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s visual arts competitions and the Governor General’s Achievement Awards for excellence in the field. Rose has been exhibited in the U.S., U.K. and Italy. Rose not only creates beautiful pieces but he also uses his art as social commentaries on a variety of topics. “I live art,” notes Rose in commenting on his inspiration and work.

Andrew Duhaney

Andrew Duhaney is a passionate artiste, whose love for fine art developed from a tender age. Dunahey has perfected his brush strokes over the decades with training and diligent practice. “I draw inspiration from life the images, scenes and things happening around me,” notes Duhaney, adding that he also does commissioned pieces. Duhaney has had several of his pieces exhibited in galleries locally and internationally and he is motivated by people’s marvel at his masterpieces.

Elizabeth Toby

Elizabeth Toby is a Jamaican, Trinidadian artist, who pursued  Visual Ats up to the 6th form level. A former member of the disbanded Western Jamaica Society of Fine Arts (WJSOFA) Toby was the youngest member of  the Jamaica Guild of Artists at that time she joined. Toby has been shown with great success in exhibitions at Round Hill and Half Moon Hotel as well as other local exhibits. Toby, who had taken a hiatus from the brush and palette, contends art is a love that calls her, as she notes, “My love of art was rekindled after completing a painting for a charity auction in December 2018.” She enjoys delving into realism, impressionism and expressionism. She works full-time as a scheduling and forecasting analyst and pursues her ast as a passionate hobby.

Christopher Clayton

Christopher Clayton is a self-taught artist, who hails from Pitfour, Montego Bay. Being a fan of the classic black and white look, Clayton’s drawings are done using a combination of graphite and charcoal. From an early age Clayton’s natural gift for sketching was evident, having honed his craft for years, Clayton produces life like pieces of various subjects. In 2013 Clayton began to seriously do portraits of iconic individuals such as Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. Clayton now does portraits of several popular figures, as well as commissioned pieces. Clayton notes that he draws inspiration from his subjects, as well as the work of other great artists such the likes of Nigerian Kelvin Okafor. Clayton sets no ceiling on his artistic skills noting, “My ultimate aim is to achieve mastery in fine arts using a number of different mediums.”

David Simpson

David Simpson is an artist, who developed a love for the arts at his first introduction to wood carving at the tender age of 5. It was at Ocho Rios High School that his passion for the arts was further nurtured, as this was a prime area  of study for him. This resulted in him doing an internship at the famous Wassi Art , where he was introduced to ceramics, particularly pottery and anything clay. This is where David further developed his deep passion for sculpting lifelike images and invaluable pieces. Today, Simpson boasts  world class sculpting talents and has had his creative and unique pieces dispersed all over the world.

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